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Resources & FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Am I old enough to wear contact lenses?

Age is not necessarily the key factor for the use of contact lenses. Contact lenses require someone to be responsible and very sanitary with their lenses to prevent possible infections or diseases.

2.) Can you tell me what kind of contact lenses is right for me?

Absolutely. Each individual need has a contact lens that can cater to it. We want to make sure your contact lens is not only the right fit for you but can ensure that you see better regardless of what medical situation your eyes may have.

3.) Will your facility evaluate my eligibility for Lasik?

Absolutely. During your exam you can simply let us know that you are interested in Lasik and we will check and make sure that you are in fact an eligible candidate for this service.

4.) Does your facility provide the Lasik service?

No we do not. Our team can evaluate and refer you to the professional facility, such as, Your Eye Specialists, at specially negotiated rates. They will then complete the process for you.

5.) Why should I wait to have a cataract removed?

The size of the cataract has been known to increase over time. The best decision to make in a situation like this is to remove it once the actual cataract starts to become a hindrance. It’s important at this point to keep visiting your doctor to make sure that it is not interfering in the everyday tasks.

6.) How often should I get my eyes checked?

For optimal results, and to ensure better preventive measures it’s recommended to get an annual exam done. This way if any signs start to show of visual concerns or diseases we can detect and treat it in time.

7.) Is my child old enough to get an eye exam?

Yes. Children especially need to have their eyes evaluated. The reason behind this is that children often times don’t understand nor do they know how to communicate things that may be wrong with their vision. Taking your child at a young age to the doctor can help prevent issues down the road.

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