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Treatment of Eye Diseases

Your vision is the most previous thing you posses. It is the window to the outside world. At Coral Eyes, we truly care about the wellness of your vision, especially if you are facing a debilitating eye disease. Most of the treatment for eye diseases are aimed to reduce inflammation, correcting traumatic injuries and enhancing and saving eyesight. Usually, other eye problems will resolve themselves in a few days but any diseases that impair vision and cause severe pain will need urgent medical attention. This is where we come in to assist.


Treatment of eye diseases falls into four main categories.


Medications: the drugs used to treat eye diseases are largely diverse. There are some for artificial tears. This help to improve the problem of dry eyes. Other medications are used to address other short-term difficulties characterizing the eyes such as scratchy eyes.


Surgery: this is a very delicate aspect. This is mostly aimed at arranging the cornea, and it helps to correct vision in most cases. There has been lots of development in recent times in the area of eye surgery. Some eye surgeries can prevent the need for contact lenses.


Treatment of conditions that affects the eyes: some other times, conditions like diabetes can affect the eyes. Hence these conditions ought to be appropriately treated or managed to help address the eye defect and improve eye health.


Prescription glasses and contact lenses: lenses are used most of the time to correct eye defects. With proper evaluation, the right lens would be given to you to help improve eyesight and visual acuity.


Coral Eyes provide these services to help improve eye health. Contact us today to get the opportunity to speak with our eyes specialist and give your eyes the best treatment.

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