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Specialty Lens Products

These lenses are optical lenses that have a special or unique design. They are used in a list of several conditions and for a large list of industries. Some careers need these lenses to carry out their routine job. For example, the R&D, Lab integration and sometimes, the Communication industry.


Coral Eyes special lenses include the compound Parabolic Concentrators CPC, Laser Focusing Singlets, and Focus-Tunable Lenses; these are proper for an ideal light collections application. The Focus-Tunable Lenses will allow manual or electric control over the focal length of the lenses. The Laser Focusing Singlets are developed to create a minimum spot size for 632.8nm. The Micro-Lens Arrays are themselves used for the light homogenization, but then the Multi-lens arrays are best for use in illumination or projection systems.


Coral Eyes offers the best and its one of the largest inventory of optical components, including unique special lenses. Contact Coral Eyes for a quote and get the best special lenses.

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