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Contact Lenses

There is a need to understand how contact lenses work before using them. Before they are used, you need to know the contact lens that is right for you.


Firstly, the contact lens must take care of the problem that is making you want to wear the lenses. It must provide a very good vision and correct myopia, astigmatism or the hyperopia. The fact remains that the purpose of using contact lenses is defeated if it can’t correct the eye defect you are experiencing. At Coral Eyes, this is our first consideration for every one of our clients.


Secondly, the lens must not be forced into the eyes; that is, they should properly fit your eyes and not compromise your vision in any way. Loads of lenses come in thousands of combination of diameter and curvature. But not all the lens comes in all the sizes. But it is our duty at Coral Eyes to properly analyze your eye’s physiology and your eyesight to help provide the best lens that fits you.


Thirdly, there may be another underlying medical condition that will affect your choice of lens. For example, dry eyes condition.


Finally, Coral Eyes gives clients preference of colors and size of lenses to help make our clients happy. Coral Eyes will also help to cater for your lenses by cleaning, storing and disinfecting them. You will be given several safe ways to take care of your lenses to prevent contamination. Coral Eyes will ensure you do not store your lenses in a preservative that may react in your body. Also, clients can prevent the whole lens care process by using daily disposable contact lenses. This is suitable for some who tend to react to chemicals used for preserving the lenses. Contact Coral Eyes today for a proper lens recommendation and care.

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